Laurentiu Zloteanu


Laurentiu Zloteanu comes from Romania. He may not have come into this world, but simply out of it. Being an interdisciplinary visual artist, his whole existence is based on seeing the world through poetry, arts, music, movies and books. His final quest is to be at peace with all that is good and bad all together in this life. He studied psychology and the psychoanalysis of child and adolescent as a way of getting all aware of his own jump to maturity. Above his theoretical studies, he is really passionate about how the forms of addiction of drugs can lead people to spiritual transformations. His art is mostly inspired by the whole imagery specter of the unconscious mind. Both the use of detail & the power of the effects (of so many hours used at every painting) makes his art so vibrant, so electric (and almost kinetic) that the viewer can get really easy awakened, losing any kind of his or her sense of one’s self & implicit any sense of reality. One can discover in his art the influence of Alan Watts’s lectures, Jean-Michael Basquiat & Pieter Bruegel’s paintings visions combined with the expression of a single-minded  psychedelic culture & of primitive-art in all of the abundance of Laurentiu Zloteanu’s own contemporary style of a self-taught Artist.